"Dylan-tinged vocal and
introspective lyrics that spin out
big-picture stories imbued
with chilling small  details."

"Bill Mallonee... [has] remained
fascinated with the shadowy
emotional toils and struggles inherent
in the American experience, compelling,
insightful, [he] continues to probe through
Americana rock and roll proving that
sometimes the only story worth telling
is that of the journey."
Rolling Stone

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Release of Brand-New Album "Winnowing"

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Early Reviews of Winnowing

Down the Line Zine Review
Popdose interview with Bill on his songwriting process.
And a review from a UK fan.

The CD and download formats have already been released for purchase, but you can pre-order the VINYL version of Winnowing; it is still at the manufacturer, and will hopefully be available in November.

Dear Fans and Friends:

Thanks to your early support in pre-orders, the new album Winnowing has been recorded, manufactured, and officially released! It's already getting good reviews, and is a work of which I am extremly proud. Winnowing is a very personal/religious record for me. Lyrics and sound intertwined. It was inspired by the vast, open places of the high deserts of New Mexico, similar to last year's more acoustic based Dolorosa. But this one is very different. After almost 60 records, Winnowing is about things I needed to say. It's an Autumn record. The diminishing play of light, the signs of Earth going dormant, and the smell of woodfire suggest, to me anyway, a withdrawal, a strategic retreat, a tucking-in of dreams...and an inventory to be taken of the past. The intensity of sun-drenched, barren-blue skies diffuse, and give way to softer vistas. The light becomes a water-colored light. Even the desert acoustics contour the sounds here. It all folds back on itself, this Autumnal experience. All that was good, bad, or ugly has left it's mark; (doubt/incongruity/lonliness is the modern stigmata); all that came and passed; all that was birthed or died; whatever may have disappointed you, broken you, wrecked your faith or established and inspired you. Whatever compartments (or coffins) you choose to place such things in, there's no doubt that it has changed you. And if by grace it was some hand of God that seemed to pull you through?

...well that is what this album is about.

~Bill Mallonee

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